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Fenjiu Art Night

Exhibition Dates

2023.2.24 – 2023.3.13

Fenjiu VIP Art Night

2023.2.25, Sat, 6/00 – 9/00 pm


901 Lawrence Ave W, North York


Tianzhuo Xie

Jianxi Fang

Bingqing Yan

Zihan Yuan

The latest statistics show that each person spends an average of 7 hours per day on the internet, where billions of tweets are rapidly produced and just as quickly forgotten. We are all caught up in this tidal wave of information.

We all humans now find ourselves facing a significant challenge. On one hand, the sheer volume of information has caused many of our language systems to become clogged and ineffective, creating gaps in our understanding and cultural experiences. In the past, it might have taken generations for these changes to take place, but now it can happen in mere months, or even days.

On the other hand, the internet has amplified tensions between individuals and individuals, nations and nations. A surge of narrow-minded and impulsive online language violence is constantly emerging. These divisions often stem from the inherent limitations of language itself. Just as Wittgenstein presented the classic "duck-rabbit" case, we always argue over whether it is a duck or a rabbit.


This leaves us a question:

As language gradually loses its effectiveness,

As the power of speech is gradually monopolized by a few,

As the more we express, the more misunderstanding we make


How do we connect and communicate with others and the world around us?


This art exhibition brings together the works of four outstanding young artists. Many of the works were created during the pandemic, reflecting the artists' personalized and fragmented perspectives and experiences about current life. The intention of the exhibition is to encourage audiences to put aside preconceptions and biases and discover a profound emotional connection with the world through the medium of art.


The works displayed in this exhibition, regardless of their scale, form, or mediums, all express a heartfelt concern and care for the current state of things from different perspectives. From art to current life, we aim to convey warm and healing emotions, as well as an inclusive attitude. This exhibition not only enables viewers to experience art from different perspectives and cultural stand point, and also boosts culture exchanges at the same time by introducing these outstanding Chinese young artists to the Canadian mainstream culture.


The Canada Chinese Artists Association and its exhibitor Zihan Yuan are devoted to creating artwork with authenticity and attitude. As the founder of the Canada Chinese Artist Association, Zihan is dedicated to promoting young artists of  various genres in the Toronto area and contributing to the development of both Chinese and Canadian art.

Fenjiu VIP Art Night

At the opening event, a selection of specially crafted cocktails was served, with Fenjiu as the base spirit, drawing inspiration from the distinctive colors found in artworks

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