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Become a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in Art Cube!

Owning your own booth on a commercial street used to be a luxury, but not anymore!


From curation to grand opening, from promotion to sales,

we can provide assistance every step of the way.


Your artwork shouldn't be confined to the virtual world or the studio

it deserves to step out and be seen by a wider audience.


Unleash Your Creativity Within Budget

Art Cube Offers Unmatched Prices, Starting at Just $1 a Day! Explore Affordable Rental Options Ranging from $50 to $650 for a 30-Day Period.

Curate Your Masterpieces with Professional Curation

Art Cube Provides Distinctive Display Spaces for Your Artwork. Partnered with the Canadian Youth Artists' Alliance, Art Cube Offers Additional Development Opportunities for Promising Young Artists to Explore Boundless Possibilities.

Unparalleled Location, Unrivaled Inspiration

Art Cube is Just 500 Meters from the Tranquil Ontario Lake and Within Close Proximity to the Renowned Oakville Art Museum.

We're Here for Your Artistic Triumph

Art Cube is Committed to Your Journey. Trust Our Passionate Team to Provide Support, Guidance, and Assistance at Every Step of the Way.

Apply to Become a Vendor

Thank you!

We have received your application and will contact you promptly.

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