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Kissing Coppers by Brandalised (Gold Rush Edition)
  • Kissing Coppers by Brandalised (Gold Rush Edition)






    Alice in Wasteland (Acid Edition)


    Release Date:




    10" Polystone

    Limited Edition


    Kissing Coppers returns! The second colourway of the highly sought after piece brings a luxurious black and gold finish to the iconic stencil art.


    Icons of authority in a tender intimate moment. Advocating the acceptance of different sexual-identities by society and humanising a force that has been seen as violent in recent times. No matter which side we are on, or which pockets of society we belong to, we all seek a very human emotion - love.


    Gold is the colour of love, passion, and magic. Let Kissing Coppers (Gold Rush) illuminate your collection with its gleaming finish, don't miss your chance to own this remarkable piece of art that is now immortalised as a special edition Polystone figure.