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Alice in Wasteland (Acid Edition)
  • Alice in Wasteland (Acid Edition)






    Alice in Wasteland (Acid Edition)


    Release Date:




    8.5" (21.6cm)

    Limited Edition


    What happens when a wonderland becomes a wasteland? Based on the fine art print of the same name, Alice In Wasteland reimagines the timeless fairytale. Sitting in a pile of electronic waste, with torn clothes and disheveled hair, Alice holds on to a dying stem of a flower, deeply saddened by the state of the world. The second colourway of this incredible art collectible features Alice in a purple get up, inspired by the iconic colours and patterns of the Cheshire Cat - complete with its mischievous grin.


    Inspired by the "Burger of the Day" board from the hit show Bob's Burgers, comes the XXRAY Plus Bob Belcher (Kales from the Crypt). What happens when you take a bite out of this halloween-themed burger? You become a zombie! That's what kale does to you, Bob Belcher learnt this the hard way. Or maybe he's just in a really convincing get up. We know what Bob would say about this: "Oh my God".


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