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Vomit Kid (Fask Food Pink)
  • Vomit Kid (Fask Food Pink)






    Vomit Kid (Fask Food Pink)


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    8" (20cm)


    Bleagh, sick! Have you ever eaten so much junk food that you wanna throw it all up? That is what Vomit Kid is about – a need for all the filth and unpleasantries in us to be expelled completely! A truly cleansing experience!

    In a pink and yellow theme, Vomit Kid (Fast Food Pink) reminds us of a familiar fast-food restaurant mascot. He is painted banana-milkshake-yellow with clown-like nose and lips, and greasy-red hair to complete the look. Watch out for that blast of vomit! This time, his vomit is a pink gush, tying in with the concept of getting rid of all the oily junk that he has in his body! 

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